Are There Any New Small Business Ideas? No And Yes

Not much changes these days in terms of new small businesses. ‘Sell a product, make money, or you don’t have much of a business. What I’m about to reveal to you is an entirely new small business model.

Allow me to explain.

The new opportunities are online. That’s the wild-west, the new frontier. Leveraging the Internet is what the wealthiest of entrepreneurs are doing today.

Just about anyone will tell you, “Sure I’d love to own my own small business and be my own boss.” The benefits of being a small business owner are many: flexibility, no boss, financial independence, and more time with friends and family. These are all good reasons to jump into an entrepreneurial venture, right?

But, why don’t more people do it?

First. Let’s define small business. It could be anything: brick and mortar, Internet, franchise, work from home, MLM, Network Marketing, typically any type of company with less than fifty employees. The options are many. This specific new small business idea is for work at home entrepreneurs.

What’s so amazing is how many people turn to small business ownership with absolutely no sales experience, no confidence on the phone, no ability to recruit others, and no real understanding of leadership and management. This is where true opportunity lies. This is where the new small business ideas emerge: making it easy for people to get started and quickly become successful.

Most home business opportunities teach their “new owners” to use the 3-foot rule: “sell” to anyone within three feet of yourself. With this approach, home based business consultants often end up alienating their friends, family, neighbors, former business associates, peers – well, you get the idea – anyone within three feet of them.

A better approach is to conduct business more like a “store” and set up a location where people can find you and come to you when they are seeking your products. The Internet provides the perfect system for selling products and services.

Customers conduct an online search and are presented with a myriad of choices via paid ads, articles, videos, blogs… all kinds of information directly related to their search. It’s like walking down the aisle of a store, online.

An Internet company will give average people the marketing power of an Internet powerhouse.

Look for systems that provide templates, training, and mentors so that anyone, even average Joe, can go toe-to-toe with veteran networkers and put himself or herself in a position to earn a six-figure income without any background knowledge or prior marketing experience. This would be “new”, right?

Basically, an internet platform allows small business owners to carbon copy the personal marketing experience and success of a community of other proven marketers – ad copy, auto responders, websites, even AdWords campaigns, leveraging their success. It attracts more and more industry leaders and top income earners because it’s very duplicable. Now, this is a new idea in small business!

Normally, a new marketer goes out, learns the techniques of marketing, of sales, identifies an opportunity and gives it their best shot. They could spend years of trial and error in this industry. This system allows complete duplication, point newbies towards the system, and with a just a little hand-holding catapult them to success.

Some businesses make money but leave no time to enjoy it. Internet small business marketing systems have tremendous value in their ability to teach and also leverage the most powerful distribution system in the world: the world wide web.

It eliminates all of the obstacles of small businesses, home businesses, and network marketing and dramatically reduces the learning curves, eliminates the guesswork, and increases the results for anyone using it. Some follow up with a call center in place to follow up on the applications submitted. The call center handles all the marketing, recruiting, phone interactions, and communication aspects of the business, home-based rookies and veterans alike are achieving unprecedented success at unmatched levels.

Because you’re marketing a system not your own story, it eliminates the biggest obstacle of all: having your own success story to tell. Now, that’s a great new small business idea, don’t you agree? The emphasis is on the success of the community that uses it. Some marketers never even talk to their customers. They just introduce them to the system via search results and the new customer goes on to train, create and produce their own results, 100% online.

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